Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We have gone to visit a farm...

Today we have visited Jordi's parents farm. We have been able to touch calfs. It has been fantastic! We have learnt a lot!
Have you ever visit a farm?

Jordi's farm


  1. Oh, how I love farms! How did the calfs feel? Were they smooth of rough. My favourite animal is a Monkey, what is yours? Keep up the good work.
    High Lawn Primary , Bolton

  2. Hi,
    Hemo visto gansos diez en una granja antes de, aran muy descarado. Alguna vez ha visitado una granja donde ha habido gesse?
    From Thea at

    1. hola thea yo no e visto nunca una granja de gansos pero me gustaria verla.
      Monica Mar's classrom

    2. Hola Tea me llamo Noemi yo no he visto nunca una granja de gansos.

  3. Spanish version

    Hola, mi nombre es Annalise y soy de 6D césped alto, y sí que he estado en una granja de muchas de las veces. De cualquier manera parece que usted tenía un precioso tiempo en la granja y estoy gald que todos hayan disfrutado de su auto en la granja.
    Desde Annalise from

    English version

    Hello, my name is Annalise and I am from High Lawn 6D, and yes I have been to a farm many of times. Any way it seems like you had an lovely time at the farm and I'm gald you all enjoyed your self at the farm.
    From Annalise at

    From Annalise at High Lawn Primary 6D.

    1. Hola me llamo Noemi y yo tambien he hido a ver una granja. Me lo pase muy vien.

  4. Hola, mi nombre es Ellie y yo estoy en 6D en césped alto. Tengo 11 años de edad y el amor granjas! Me encantan los caballos sobre todo.
    From Ellie at

  5. hola,Ellie me llamo Ariadna a mi tambien me gustan mucho los caballos ¿Has montado nunca en un caballo ?Yo si y es muy divertido te lo recomiendo.

  6. I am Jordi, and this is my farm. I like my farm. this is a very big farm, there are 240 calf.The dog in the farm is Llamp, he is black and white the same to the calf.

    1. Hola me llamo Noemí a mi tambien me gustan los caballos.He montado a caballo en Mollerussa.¿Y tu has montado a caballo alguna vez?

  7. Hi there! Your comment are fantastics! Well done!
    You're making a big effort to comunicate with the others in Spanish or English. I'm really proud of you. You must to carry on.
    What topic do you like to read in our blog?
    Mar (teacher in Vila-sana)

    Hola a todos! Vuestros comentarios son fantásticos! Buen trabajo!
    Estáis haciendo un gran esfuerzo por comunicaros con los demás en español y en inglés. Me siento realmente orgullosa de vosotros. Adelante!
    Qué tema is gustaría leer en nuestro blog?

  8. Good afternoon partners of our ZER!!!!

    We are the pupils from the High level of Castellnou de Seana school. Marcel says that he has visited a farm a lot of times. Actually, his father has got a farm. Ramon explains us that he lives next to a farm ant it is really smelly. In Castellnou you can find a lot of farms.


    CS Castellnou students

  9. Hi there!

    How has the trip gone? Have you enjoyed it?

    Hope so!

    Big hug!

  10. Hello!My nameis Juliana.I liked to go to this farm with my class i go bomba!!!!

    by by


  11. Hello!!!
    My name is Ariadna.
    In April will stard a new partner and I am very happy.
    And she studies 3td course .

  12. Hi, my name is Ariadna and I am very interested in this blog.

    Good bye.

  13. Hellow y love hors and (vull que i aigi)plas farms the hors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi my name is Jordi,i like farms.
    Good bye.

  15. Hi my name is Anahi from Mr.Millers Class. I like going to farms too their awesome. My favorite barnyard animal is a cow. What is yours? Bye.

  16. Hello my name is Jack. I am one of Mr. Miller class. I have visited many farms, my favorite farm animals are the bulls