Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to the school again!!!!!


Welcome to 2012-13 school year. We are the pupils from Cicle Mitjà of Vila-sana school. Here are our introductions:


  1. I live in Vila-Sana
    I like macaroni
    My name is Maria
    I'm 7 and a half years old
    I can run fast

  2. My favorite book is:Ratoncito perez
    I live in:Vila-sana
    I'm 8 years old
    My favorite TV programme is:Tom y Jerry
    My name is:judit

  3. Mi name is Juliana.
    I'm 9 years old.
    My favourite food is ice crem.
    I dont like Justin Beber.
    My favourite subject is mathts.
    My favourite book is Labepra.
    My fovourite TV program is Violtea.
    My favourite pop start is Selena Gomez.
    I live in vila-sana.

  4. Hello my name is Noemí.
    I´m 8 years old.
    I live in Vila-Sana.
    My favourite animal is dolphin.
    My favourite boobk is labepra.
    My favourite TV program is H2O.
    My favourite colur is purple.
    My favourite pop star is Selena Gomez.
    My favourite subjet is Art and Pe.

  5. I can 't flai
    I like futball
    I can futball
    I have donkey
    I'm 7 years old