Wednesday, January 18, 2012

La fragua de Vulcano

La fragua de Vulcano, Velázquez.

Once upon a time five brothers who were wood makers were working at a wood angel figure.
The sculpture was very realistic and beautiful and one day a fairy watched the angel and turned it in a real angel who symbolized pace and love.
But, the angel did the opposite: war and destruction. Then, the five brothers stopped the angel with their power.


  1. That was a nice short story, but what does La fragua de Vulcano mean?

  2. La fragua is the place where a blacksmith forge the iron. In the greek mythology, Vulcano was the god of fire and volcanoes. He used to forge the weapons for the other gods. This picture shows the moment where Vulcano was noticed that his wife Venus was an adulteress, with no more and no less than the war god: Marte. Vulcano used to make the Marte's weapons, so... in modern way, we can say that Venus was the lover of her husband boss. Sorry for my English.