Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We've created glogsters!

We’ve created glogsters!

    Glogster is a programme in internet where you can create a poster. Glogster is a presenteixon of a project.To created a glogster you need having a count. We’ve created some glogsters. It’s been very fun. We’ve made glogsters of famous people.

In the page of glogster you can choose  music to stick on the page of this programme. You can decorate the photos of the page and put frames around  the photos and videos.   

    You can  write short texts. You can put photos, videos and you can choose a background. It has ben a fantastic experience.

Click on this link to have a look at our glogsters!!!


Higher Cycle Students – Castellnou de Seana



  1. Cool post, how did you find the glogsters? Also where did you find them.

  2. Hello, I am from Mr.Miller's class. This is very, very interesting. I have visited your page and the glogsters you have put are amazing! Keep doing great and have fun blogging!

  3. I like how you did the back-round and the people you picked!:) I also liked the other things you added with the pictures!:)